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About Us


The Mission of the Sycamore Fire Department is to deliver quality emergency services, respond to disasters, create prevention programs that save life and property, selflessly serve our customers and create excellence through education, training and community involvement.



Dedication.  Since 1879, The Sycamore Fire Department has been serving our community.  The sole purpose of the organization is service, a dedication to the community, the department and to the profession.


Honor.  Firefighters are sworn to an oath of sacred honor.  Firefighters would risk their lives for that of a stranger and often do.  When given a job to do, our creed is to accomplish the mission to adapt, to overcome and to improvise a solution.


Teamwork.  Sycamore Firefighters work together for the common purpose of protecting their community.  They are individuals who form a group out of friendship and mutual respect.  The team is led by Officers who manage and direct the team by example, competence, and creativity. 


Trust.  Community trust has been handed to the Fire Department.  The Fire Department trusts the community to provide them with the resources they need for their mission.  The Community trusts the Fire Department to be good stewards of their resources, to provide quality trained personnel and to answer the call.  The firefighters trust each other to be there for one another in good times and bad.


Safety.  Firefighting is a profession of selfless service, not selfless sacrifice.  The Fire Department will insure the safety of the community through education, prevention, and timely response to emergencies.  The firefighters will work safely, be mindful of the ver present dangers and minimize risk to themselves and to others.



The administration division performs the functions necessary to support the delivery of emergency services to the community. These functions include training, clerical support and data processing, and budget preparation and administration. Also included under the administration division are fire prevention and public education programs.

  • Fire Prevention.  The fire prevention section the Sycamore Fire Department has many functions ranging from fire and life safety inspections to plan review.  The Fire Department works closely with the Sycamore Building and Zoning Department in enforcing city fire codes and ordinances.  The City of Sycamore uses the 2006 version of the International Building Code, International Fire Code, and International Property Maintenance Code.  


The operations division is the service delivery part of the organization.  The operation division is responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials first response activities.

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  The Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services to residents in Sycamore and the Sycamore Fire Protection District.  The Department operates three paramedic ambulances 24 hours per day. In addition, all front line fire engines and staff vehicles are equipped with first response medical equipment to ensure medical procedures can be provided within 4-6 minutes of the request for services. The Department has 27 State of Illinois Licensed Paramedics who also function as Firefighters.

  • Fire Suppression.  The response to fires is a coordinated effort that can vary from a single fire truck responding to a car fire to multiple pieces of equipment responding to a structure fire. The initial response to a reported structure fire (General Alarm) is 2 engine companies and a Chief Officer, along with a mutual aid ladder truck and engine.  Off duty career and paid on call firefighters are recalled to staff reserve equipment.  Fire suppression vehicles will also at times supplement staffing needs on emergency medical calls and are equipped to remove trapped victims of motor vehicle collisions.

  • Rescue.  Two of our front line fire engines are equipped with specialized rescue equipment to assist in the removal of victims trapped in vehicles or equipment.

  • Hazardous Materials first responder.  The majority of Sycamore Fire Department response personnel are trained to the Hazardous Materials Operations level.  In addition, six firefighters are specially trained to the Technician level and serve as part of the MABAS Division #6 Hazardous Materials Response team.  Hazardous Materials incidents can result from airborne releases, leaking containers, and roadway accidents involving the transportation of hazardous materials. Every member of the Sycamore Fire Department is trained to handle small spills and leaks, and has the training needed to support the Hazardous Materials Response team at more complex incidents. Special monitoring equipment and tools are stored in a trailer that responds with the team when needed. Through participation in the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS), this team is available to respond to HazMat incidents in DeKalb County, and may be deployed Statewide following a disaster declaration.

  • Technical Rescue first responder.  The Sycamore Fire Department has a small team of four firefighters that are specially trained to respond to rescue incidents that require a high level of skill and special equipment. These incidents include the rescue of victims trapped in high places, trenches, confined spaces, or collapsed buildings. Four firefighters are specially trained to the Technical Rescue Technician level and serve as part of the MABAS Division #6 Technical Rescue Response team.

  • Fire Investigation.  The Sycamore Fire Department is responsible for determining cause and origin for fires in the City of Sycamore. The group consists of 3 fire investigators. The Sycamore Fire Department works closesly with the Sycamore Police Department and may also uses outside agencies such as the Illinois State Fire Marshal or the Department of Alcohol, Tobbacco, and Firearms.


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308 W. State Street  • Sycamore, Illinois 60178
Phone: 815-895-4515 • Fax: 815-899-2058