What is a Knox Box and how do I get an application?

A Commercial Knox Box is a case-hardened, tamper-proof steel box that is purchased by a building owner for installation on the exterior of the building. The Fire Department is the only party that maintains a key to the exterior door on the box. Within the interior of the box, the building owner would provide and store any keys that the Fire Department could use to gain access to the interior of a building without having to force entry, thus preventing damage to doors or windows during normal operations. The City of Sycamore requires Knox Boxes in all new or remodeled commercial structures.

Ordering a Commercial Knox Box

You can order a Knox box online. Please see the Fire Prevention tab for more detail.

The Knox Company will not sell a product without authorization by the Fire Department in order to maintain the highest levels of security.

Residential Knox Box

A Residential Knox-Box is a 4-inch by 5-inch safe-like device that is designed as a rapid entry system allowing secure emergency access for the fire department. When a fire breaks out, or there is a medical emergency, a Knox-Box device allows for immediate entry into buildings and properties without forced entry damage or delay.

The residential Knox Boxes are designed to be installed over the top a resident's front entry door. When installed, an extra key for the front door (provided by the resident) is placed inside the Knox-Box. The Sycamore Fire Department will then secure the Knox Box with a unique key. Only the Sycamore Fire Department has this key, and it is securely located in the Department's fire apparatus. If an emergency arises, the responding crews are able to access the Knox Box for the house keys to allow entry into the house without forcing entry or waiting for a key holder.

The Sycamore Fire Department Residential Knox-Box Loan Program is only open to residents of the City of Sycamore and the Sycamore Fire Protection District with existing medical or physical conditions which could render them unable to open a locked door in an emergency. There are limited quantities of Knox Boxes (25) available for the program and the Knox Boxes will be loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. All Knox Boxes purchased for the loan program are the property of the Sycamore Fire Department and as residents participating in the program no longer need the Knox Box, Fire Department personnel will retrieve them and place them back into inventory for future distribution.

If you are interested in applying for a Knox Box as part of the Sycamore Fire Department Residential Knox-Box Loan Program or would like information on purchasing your own Residential Knox-Box, please contact Deputy Fire Chief Art Zern at 815-895-4514.

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