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Fire Station 1

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Constructed in 1957 as part of the City's original Municipal Building, the Fire Department occupied the east half of the building. When city hall was moved downtown Sycamore in 2003, the Police Department then occupied part of the 1st-floor offices and the entire basement level. When the new police station was completed in 2011, the Fire Department then occupied all three levels of the building. Fire Station Number 1 houses the vehicles Engine Number 1, Engine Number 3, Medic Number 1, Medic, Number 3, Brush Number 1 and Utility Number 1.

The dividing line between Fire Station Number 1 and Fire Station Number 2 runs east and west. From the west heading east - all land north of and including Route 64, including the intersection of Route 64 and Peace Road, Peace Road north of Route 64 to the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River, the Kishwaukee River east to a point north of the Stone Prairie subdivision and then the line moving east to County Line Road south of Mt. Hunger Road.

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